Giving Back

We are passionate about giving back to those who need it most. That is why we have a compassionate care program and offer discounts to:


People with long-term disabilities


Those on low-income budgets


Military (active and retired)


First responders & Teachers

About Our Founder

Releaf Organix was created from a personal need as well as my desire to help others benefit from CBD.  I was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s Disease over 2 years ago and was put on medication for my tremors.  I am a wife, mom and first-time grandmother so this really affected me mentally. Questions like “How long do I have to live?” and “How will this affect my life?” started swirling through my head.

I am very active and enjoy spending as much time as I can with my grandson; therefore, I started doing some research and found out my medication for the tremors would eventually result in muscle deterioration.  It was then that I began researching CBD and tried many different formulas until I found our current products. I no longer take Parkinson’s medication and have no tremors, thanks to CBD!

Live life well, Laura Wilkie

About Releaf Organix

Releaf Organix offers a diverse line of CBD products that assist the body with the reduction of inflammation, pain relief, mood elevators, stress reduction, health and beauty products as well as pet products. Our products come from hemp that is grown here in the U.S. and we are one of the few brands in the industry who sources 100% of our raw plant material from Pilot Research Farms in Kentucky, guaranteeing the highest quality CBD extract. Our products are produced in FDA regulated facilities and are third-party tested for maximum potency. All ingredients are fine-tuned for maximum synergy and healing power.