CBD and Horses – The Amazing Benefits of CBD Horse Tinctures

By Laura Wilkie
March 18, 2021

Just as it is for you, CBD holds enormous benefits for your pets, particularly for horses. Several stable owners who have introduced CBD into their horse’s routine have reported glowing reviews of how CBD has helped put their horses in better shapes.

The CBD Horse Tincture from Relief Organix is one of the many pet products available to pet owners and pet lovers on the Releaf Organix website. 

If you are a pet owner, there are plenty of reasons to choose Releaf Organix when you become ready to introduce CBD to your pet therapy regime. In this article, we will take a closer look at how CBD tinctures can impact equine health and help your horses feel better.

Pain Management

As horses grow older, they begin to experience several debilitating conditions, ne of the most common conditions is sciatica. The severe pain and inflammation experienced by horses suffering from this condition can be lessened by CBD. 

CBD works within the endocannabinoid system to eliminate the root causes of the condition and cause a relief of the symptoms that your horse experiences. Other pain conditions such as arthritis in the hocks and knees, laminitis, ulcerations etc. can benefit from several doses of horse CBD tinctures.

One user had this to say; My 20-year-old horse Claire, suffered from arthritis in her hocks and knees, and the pain made her very erratic and sometimes unmanageable. She walked with so much pain and all forms of medications I administered didn’t quite give her the relief she needed until I tried the CBD Tincture mix from Relief Organix.

It took sometime but she feels good again. The pain is almost all gone and her anxiety cured. She is able to sleep better and has a better demeanor.

Anxiety Management

Horses that suffer from anxiety or are prone to sensitive behavior can get some relief from a dose of CBD tincture. The Releaf Organix CBD tincture mix is formulated in 2 strengths to cater for horses across weight plains. The 2400mg bottle is designed for smaller horses who may not need as high of a dosage. Whereas, the 4800mg bottle is packaged for larger horses with more severe symptoms.

Owners who have introduced CBD tinctures to treat horse anxiety have reported lessened anxiety and depression in their horses. The horses behave better and sleep better, and for longer periods before the introduction of CBD.

CBD can be used to treat anxiety owing to separation, new environment or even depression caused by old age.

Allergy Management

No one can say why allergies manifest, but they are an ever-present problem. Not for long though because CBD is able to offer significant relief from allergies and symptoms of allergies in horses. The amount of positive feedback is enough testament of the potency of Releaf Organix CBD tincture in helping horses manages their allergies.

When you use CBD, your horse can gain relief from some of the common horse allergy symptoms. These include hives, pruritis (itchy skin), sweet itch (summer eczema), insect bites, food allergies, and respiratory problems such as coughing, wheezing, and constant headshaking.

Improved Digestive Health

CBD can help to improve your horse’s digestive health. It can improve their appetite and also support the digestive process. Research is ongoing to determine the influence it has on leptin and insulin levels, and the nature of CBD’s support in insulin resistance and obesity.

Skin Health

CBD supports your horses’ skin health. It helps to treat skin problems such as rain scald, mud fever, equine lice, mange, ringworm, folliculitis, and thrush.

CBD tinctures and oils are able to maintain coat shine and general skin health of your equine pet.


Most pet owners would benefit from adopting a regular CBD dosing regime for their horses. Although research is still ongoing on the extent of CBD efficacy for most horse conditions. Owner experience is enough evidence of how well CBD can support your horses’ health and wellbeing.

At Releaf Organix, we are dedicated to developing CBD products that meet the health demands of your favorite pet and for the equine world. You can always count on our years of experience and research expertise. 

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