Why You Should Consider CBD For Horses

By Laura Wilkie
June 5, 2021
Releaf organix- CBD for Horses

Horses like camels, donkeys, cows, horses, and many other similar species have helped humans for decades. Like humans, these animals also have feelings and should be treated with love and care. With that in mind and thanks to research, veterinarians have found CBD can provide the same relief to them that it does for you!

Medical Care for Horses 

While humans visit the hospitals for their health-related ailments for a lasting solution to the conditions, animal owners or pet parents visit a veterinarian. There are many prescription medications administered to animals, especially horses, for their different ailments; CBD has in recent times shown the possibility of being more effective than the traditional medications administered to these horses. 

Arguably one of the most incredible medical breakthroughs in recent times, CBD has and continues to change lives and restore good health to both humans and animals. Void of any psychoactive effects, the CBD embodies and brings calming full-body relaxation to its users. Furthermore, it also has been shown in early studies to be useful against many ailments. Most of which has, over time, proven detrimental to the health of both humans and animals. 

Releaf Organix CBD Tinctures

One of the primary reasons why CBD, unlike its THC counterpart, is ideal for horses is simple. The endocannabinoid system is connected to all other systems, so improving it improves the whole body, which comes with excellent health-related benefits. Furthermore, the TrueMedX Horse CBD Tincture has added benefits like a focus on Omega-3 and Omega-6 to help with long-term horse health. Some researchers opine that the use of CBD tinctures is best suited for animals, especially for horses suffering from inflammations and other ailments. 

The Uniqueness of the Releaf Organix Horse Tinctures 

The horse tinctures carried by Releaf Organix come with many benefits that you wouldn’t find in most products having a carrier oil blend of cranberry and chai seed to hone in the needed diet of a horse. 

You should always when first giving any to your animals start slow while upping the dosage gradually over time based on the animal’s reactions for better results. Some health-related conditions for animals CBD may improve

  • Pain from arthritis or laminitis
  • Anxiety during stall confinement 
  • Immune system depression from oxidative stress experienced 
  • Regulation of Appetite 
  • Obesity
  • Inflammation, with the ability to reduce leptin levels
  • Insulin resistance
  • Stress during traveling and shows
  • Ulcers and leaky gut
  • Healing from surgery or injury

Final Note 

Since CBD has begun to show how it can help not only humans but our animals too people have been testing all the ways it can help. Releaf Organix only believes in providing the best support for our customers and their furry friends and so we have researched and found the best options for you. For any inquiries or orders, please visit releaforganixhemp.com and be thrilled at what you’d find.

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